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Offizielle Meldungen zum Thema

IWM nimmt 10 weitere Miniaturen aus dem Programm

Um möglichen Rechtsstreitigkeiten aus dem Weg zu gehen nimmt IWM 10 weitere 'Mechs aus dem Programm. Aber neue Versionen davon (Reseen) werden auch gleich in Aussicht gestellt...


Es folgt die offizielle Mitteilung:

IWM to drop 10 designs

Further fallout from the the Harmony Gold/Unseen lawsuit will necessitate IWM to drop 10 current products (plus two fantech variants.)




Galahad (and Fantech Galahad 2)

Grand Crusader



Peregrine (and Fantech Peregrine 2)





More than likely, these will be re-released at some future date in the same vein as Project Phoenix, but no date will be set until the feasibility of such action can be verified.


IWM has stopped production on these, and will cast no more. You may still order these, phone only 513-870-0606, until Friday 5/14, or until the current stock is gone.


So stands im Forum.


Hier die Antwort von IWM auf meine Anfrage :


Yes. We have been asked by WizKids to drop these mechs. I have attached my "official" announcement.

We will take phone orders through Friday or our stock runs out, whichever comes 1st.



As you have all heard, as of this week Iron Wind Metals has pulled 12 mechs from our line – 10 regular production mechs and two FanTech variants.


These mechs were pulled due to a recent re-look at the terms of the old legal settlement regarding rights to certain mech designs.


That settlement, and the legal action that preceded it, was many years ago. However, the terms of that settlement, of which I am somewhat familiar with in general but not exact details, are still in effect, and transfer from one company to another along with the BattleTech property.


Different companies have different interpretations of legal agreements, and varying views of what is safe and what is an un-acceptable risk. For the current owners of the BattleTech property, these designs were un-acceptable. They asked that we remove them, and we have.


There are no bad guys here. Just good business people doing what they feel is best to protect their companies and at the same time the BattleTech property as a whole.


“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Twelve old sculpts get pulled, and the entire BattleTech line is safer. Besides, look at the bright side. We now have 10 more mechs that we can redo at some point in the future…


Mike Noe